Canine Athlete

I adore the fact that dogs come in all shapes and sizes! I think its marvellous now that there are a vast array of canine sports which you can participate in, whatever breed of dog you have.

I am lucky enough to work with a vast array of canine athletes in all spheres from agility, tracking, working trials, flyball, sleg racing, beagle & greyhound racing & not forgetting the active family pet dog!

I have now introduced a 6 week targeted cross training program from a physiotherapists perspective. It is designed specifically for your individual dogs needs aimed directly at the canine athlete and keeping them in prime condition. 

# Speed # Stamina # Strength # Suppleness

What can be included in a session:-

  • Physiotherapy Assessment to determine any injuries, weak musculature or imbalances or postural issues.
  • Slow motion video analysis to determine gait abnormalities
  • Physiotherapy Treatment to correct any issues.
  • Balance & strengthening exercises to help your dogs overall musculoskeletal well-being.
  • A strategic programme designed for your dog to follow to improve your dogs fitness levels.
  • Stretching & Range of Motion exercises.

The Canine Athlete Programme

6 week targeted cross training program designed specifically for your dogs needs.
3 Assessment appointments with a veterinary physiotherapist:

Week 1- Initial muscle assessment and individual program design.

Week 3 – Mid program muscle assessment and physiotherapy check up.
Week 6 – End of program assessment of muscle development & tone.

Outcome Aims
  • Improved Performance.
  • Increased fitness level.
  • Reduced recovery rates.
  • Greater stride length.
  • An overall healthier, less injury prone canine athlete.

To book your dog into The Canine Athlete Programme:-

  • Email lisavetphysio@gmail 
  • PM on Facebook – Lisa Cleeton Veterinary Physiotherapy
  • Text/Call 07971 845492

Working with you to fit in with your dogs lifestyles.